Regional suppliers

When selecting our suppliers, we attach great importance to long-term relationships based on partnership.

Another focus is on regionality: whenever products are available regionally in terms of quality and quantity, we buy them regionally, within a radius of about 100 km. In addition to short transport routes, this also enables us to react very flexibly and quickly to new challenges. Supply bottlenecks are thus almost completely excluded. In total, about 80% of our supplies come from German or European production.  

Recycled raw materials

A wide variety of metals and metal alloys play an important role in many of our products. Be it steel, stainless steel or aluminium, we attach great importance to sourcing these from the most sustainable production possible. This means that we attach great importance to a very high proportion of recycled raw materials and use this in our products.

Power generation Turbine/BHKW

A CO2-free energy supply has been our programme since 1922; since this year, the company's own turbine plant at the Sophienhammer site has been supplying us to a very large extent with the electricity we need for our production.

About 850,000 kWh of electricity are produced annually. Electricity that we don't need ourselves is fed into the public grid. In this way, we also help with the energy turnaround here!

In the summer months, sheep graze on the dykes at the inflow to the turbine as environmentally friendly lawnmowers.


All new buildings to be erected on our own properties will be constructed according to strict energy standards, primarily using wood as a building material.

Through close cooperation with the architects Banz+Riecks, Bochum, who have been associated with us for a long time, we have on the one hand built layout-optimised production halls, which on the other hand are qualitatively convincing especially with regard to sustainability (resource consumption, CO2 storage in the wood material, CO2 emissions during use).