Our entrepreneurial activities continue to be closely linked to our home country. We live and work here together with our employees. So it goes without saying that we are committed to the further development of Arnsberg.

Community Foundation

Julius Cronenberg oH was one of the founding donors of the Arnsberg Civic Foundation in 2006. Carl-Julius Cronenberg was personally involved in the board of directors and then in the board of trustees, and Wilm-Hendric Cronenberg is currently chairman of the board. The foundation promotes civic engagement in the areas of children and youth, education, culture and sport. Every year, the citizens of Arnsberg receive more than € 100,000 through the foundation.

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce of Arnsberg, Hellweg-Sauerland based in Arnsberg, represents the economic interests of our region. It is an important voice when it comes to concrete infrastructure projects and the training of skilled workers in the Sauerland. Carl-Julius Cronenberg contributes here through his work in the general assembly and the finance committee.

Carl-Julius and Wilm-Hendric Cronenberg were also long-time members and board members of the local Junior Chamber of Commerce.

TUS 07 Müschede

The geographical proximity alone leads to a special relationship with the local sports club, TUS 07 Müschede.

Our company was able to provide the club with space for its tennis department.

In addition, our financial support has helped the club to expand its sports facilities by building a gymnastics hall.

>> TUS 07 Müschede

Fire Department

The Cronenberg families founded the fire brigade in Müschede. Today's fire brigade, which is part of the voluntary fire brigade of the city of Arnsberg, had its home on our premises for more than seven decades and the management of the fire brigade was essentially in the hands of the Cronenberg family until 1996.

This close relationship continues to this day; training events take place on the company premises and we have also been happy to support one or two fire brigade acquisitions.

>> Fire Department Müschede


A "real" village also includes cultural events organised by the village community.

We support the Müschede music society and the Müschede marching band not only financially. In the current difficult time of the Corona pandemic, we offer the music association and its youth orchestra the opportunity to hold rehearsal evenings and weekends in our production hall, which is acoustically very suitable due to its wooden construction. This enables the association to continue the musical education of its members.